Creative Work

Most writers have a creative side to them and appreciate the occasional flights of fancy that magically appear in our minds.

My creative work primarily consists of two branches

  • Creative storytelling for educational purposes (but also for the reader’s entertainment)
  • Musings and graphics that capture “aha” moments from daily life

The Junior Mystery Series

This series follows the adventures of two youths, Marissa and Jessica, as they tackle a mysterious theft in their once sleepy hometown.

The idea for this came to me when I was commissioned to write vocabulary learning material for an educational publisher in East Asia. Rather than simply cobble together lists of words of varying difficulty, which isn’t how native speakers learn and isn’t particularly helpful to second language learners, I decided to write an original story, using some new words in context, to make the learning process less painful. I was inspired by a book series that used Victorian classics for a similar purpose.

As a pleasant unintended consequence, several teachers noted that their students really enjoyed the story itself. It even (apparently) drew sustained reading out of some children with short attention spans (see the feedback below). And I really enjoyed writing the story myself. A sequel is in the works, taking our junior detectives on to their next destination as the mystery deepens.

I’ve included a sample of the story below. Please have a read at your pleasure. And if you think it’s promising and would like to support creative writing and educational material creation, I offer the full story with learning materials for a low price on the store page.

Thanks for your support!